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Everything you need in one simple and easy to understand platform.

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time saved

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at taking tedious
tasks off your plate

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law firms

with users from
1 to 60 per firm

What do we offer?

Big or small, there’s
accounting for them all

Our program provides it all!

We know you’re working hard on taking your legal firm to
new heights.

So, focus on that and let our accounting software take care
of the numbers, whether you’re a small start-up or a medium
to large firm.

Single, simple or

Our program fits in with the way you do business

We are all different, each one with a unique DNA.
So, we understand that your business needs may differ.

We customise our product to suit your wants and needs so
that we provide you with the perfect solution to fit your needs!

Software that’s a team

Do we integrate our software into your business?

Yes, but even more importantly, we can be fully integrated
with a variety of other software solutions – whether it’s ghost conveyancing, the downloading of bank statements or the
many possibilities of a software giant like Microsoft, your
belief in what is possible is about to take a Quantim leap!

Take a coffee break… go
on, you deserve it!

Nobody likes cold coffee. And everyone needs a minute or two to reflect on what happened in their favourite soapie or series. And with the time our software will save you, you might now actually be able to get to know your colleagues a little better.

When that’s all done, you can watch those to-do lists turn into done lists as you can now focus on the more important things, like making more money and growing your business.

Let us add the “able” to
being knowledgeable…

Knowledge is power. And considering the training we provide your staff with, their confidence levels in using our software
will become one of your strongest assets.

Plus, as new functionality is added to the software, you can be assured your people will receive the required training
timeously, ensuring no deadlines are missed.

Getting the hang of it or
feeling hung out to dry?

So now you have the accounting software your business deserves, but what if you get stuck?

You’ll be glad to hear we offer hands-on support on an
ongoing basis – this means we make sure everything
adds up, provide extra training when it’s needed and we
even suggest changes to your system to further enhance
your processes and workflow.

Best of all? It’s all included in your monthly rental.
That’s right, no surprises when you get your bill!


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