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Trick or Treat? Does your accounting software scare you?
August 17, 2022
Here’s why you’ll fall in love with Quantim accounting software this Valentine’s Month…
August 17, 2022

Accounting software that ensures no Friday has to be black… ever!

November… that time of the year where everyone starts counting down the days till the holidays or Christmas. It’s also the month where the whole world celebrates something called Black Friday when shoppers can pick up bargains on almost anything or wait in long queues to save R2,50 on their favourite bottle of tomato sauce. It’s also a good time to remind you that with Quantim’s accounting software, you won’t have any Black Friday in your month. Or a Black Monday, Black Tuesday… in fact, all your days will be rosy-coloured and peachy because the biggest saving you could get, you got when you started using Quantim… your sanity!

How does Quantim save your sanity? By saving you money. And time. Lots of time. Take the simple, yet valuable feature of the software to do bank imports and automatic bank reconciliation as example. Who has time to do bank recon by hand these days? With our software, you only have to enter the actual balance per bank.

Another brilliant feature that will take the black out of any day of the week, is the exporting of EFT’s in bulk to the bank. That’s right… by using the requisition system, you can say bye-bye to the manual capturing of EFT’s in the bank. Plus, proof of payments are sent automatically to either the user or the beneficiary – you decide. Just imagine how much more effective you can put your time to use not having to scan and send POP’s to the beneficiaries!

Since Black Friday is all about big deals, we’d like to think this next feature of Quantim’s software is truly a big deal! The detailed creditor system that forms part of our software, will allow you to capture creditor statements against a matter or an expense account. Plus, remittance advises are generated reflecting the creditor name, amount paid and which invoices are paid. Furthermore, we’ve eliminated the possibility of double payments occurring as the invoice reference, amount and date are reflected on the creditor’s ledger. To crown it all, requisitions are auto generated and exported for payment to the bank.

In terms of the software’s interface with Microsoft, we’ve made reconciling and balancing an absolute breeze with the effortless exporting of ledger and reports into Excel format… a rather handy feature auditors can use to make selections when doing audits.

Last but not least… your sanity is saved through our unique invoicing function where you can debit your time worked on a file to ensure no missed time is being billed for. Rates are also set up by hour or set tariff selected by you. In the end, you’re assured of no more working through the night at month-end and having to go through files to ensure everything is billed for.

Some big deals come once a year. Ours is 365 days of the year. And it saves you money, it saves you time and it saves your sanity. Give us a call today.